Do you want to teach your kids about the life of Jesus? Do you also want to teach them how these ancient stories apply to their everyday, kid-sized problems?
If so, then these Christian books for kids are perfect for you and your family! Each book contains:
An opening and closing prayer
Exposure to a classic Christian hymn
A story (or stories) from the life of Jesus
A kid-sized problem that needs to be solved
Bible stories of Jesus, favorite hymns, family, and friends all mixed in with summer-time fun. Join Lucas and Everly as they solve everyday problems and learn the value of Christ’s atonement along the way.

Hi! I'm Katy Skinner, author of the Twins of Truth series. I'm so glad you found my website! I live near the Wasatch Mountains with my husband and eight amazing kids. Here's a crazy picture of us:

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If you like to color, here are some great Bible story pictures that you can print at home. They go perfectly with the stories the twins learn in the Twins of Truth series!

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